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strawberry bingsu #팥빙수 (at Caffe Bene)

July 25th  팥빙수


So hipster

July 25th  lay
July 25th  lay

140725: Tao’s Weibo Update: 好想念大家~你们还好吗? 我好像好久没动静了~我终于结束了丛林法则的录制~ 真的会是我人生中最珍贵的回忆。5天没有碰手机什么感觉知道吗? 所罗门没有网,微博也没转发成真是sorry~ 青海 一起去吧! 哈哈 给你们看看我3天4夜没洗脸洗头的照片吧,不要嫌弃我啊~
[ Translation ] Really missing everyone~ Are you guys okay? I feel like I haven’t been active in a long time. I finally finished Law of the Jungle’s recording~ It really will be one of the most important memories in my life. Not touching (my) phone for 5 days, do you know that feeling? [sad] There is no internet at Solomon, and weibo did not post properly, really sorry~ Qinghai, let’s walk together! Haha showing you guys the photos of me not washing my face and hair for 3 days and 4 nights, don’t hold anything against me~



July 25th  

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omg these are actually all really old selcas..the most recent one is probably the one where i’m wearing a black tank top which was june 30th ;;; aha i haven’t taken any selcas since then LOL

Anonymous: As a filipino, I'm so offended by what that anon said. There are so many beautiful people in the world, no matter what race or skin color. If you can't see that, then go see a fucking eye doctor.

you go tell her girl ;—) 

July 24th  answered
Anonymous: i love you!

ily too♡!!

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July 24th  SEHUN
Anonymous: That anon pissed me off. Anybody can be attractive regardless of where they come from. There are attractive and not so attractive people are all around the world just because they come from one place doesnt determine how attractive they are...

that was literally racism 

July 24th  answered Anonymous